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Every month WCRS create an event to inspire our creativity called ‘Who Cares Wins’ allow me to create a serie of beautiful posters based in hands covered in paint, a semiotic idea of a creative crafting.

Creative & Art Direction: Felipe Faúndez Fuentes
Design & Art Direction: Felipe Faúndez Fuentes and Chloé Baret
Photography: Alex Talikowski
Hand Models: Dan Atkinson, Chloé Baret, Liz Boothby, Jacinto Caetano, Tomek Drozdowski, Felipe Faúndez Fuentes, Olenka Lawrenson, Pumie Msengana, Howard de Smet.

who-cares-wins_01.jpg who-cares-wins_02.jpg who-cares-wins_03.jpg who-cares-wins_04.jpg who-cares-wins_05.jpg who-cares-wins_06.jpg who-cares-wins_07.jpg who-cares-wins_08.jpg poster.jpg