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Operation X is an 8-minute interactive mission filmed by Kit Lynch-Robinson, which begins with breaking news that the RAF has deployed Fast Jets and Sentinels for intelligence gathering over a crisis zone. The story unfolds and we see the diverse range of vital roles that allow the RAF to function as an efficient force.

From Pilot to Chef, users are able to discover the vital role each of them plays, as well as test their own skills and experience 360 degree video. At the end of the mission, users are offered the opportunity to learn more about the roles they’ve shown interest in via the RAF careers website.

Creative Directors: Jonny Porthouse & Andy Lee
Creative Technology: Lee Barrows, Gon Fernandez, Simon Knowles
Digital Art Director: Felipe Faúndez Fuentes & Ben Long
Agency Producers: Sam Child & Tri Van Huynh

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visit website

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