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“Evolution” was our leif motive to redesign the www.sky.com. A long roll digital project from WCRS London.

One of our focus is nowaday people changed how they watch tv, you can start a movie at home, paused for dinner, catch up on the go in your tablet when you’re commuting, to ended in your mobile. With that premises we re-design Sky.com as a new platform to watch movie content.

High-res full screen images, Web GL logo, smooth parallax, glass panels and some flares crossing by, inducting our customers into a lovely journey, to discover a full new world of entertainment.

Creative Director: Ben Long & Dan Atkinson
Art Director: Felipe Faúndez Fuentes
Digital Designers: Polly Averill, James Andrews, Paul Mortimore
Project Manager: Simon Fraser
Agency: WCRS London, UK

sky_polaris_1.jpg sky_polaris_5.jpg sky_polaris_2.jpg sky_polaris_3.jpg sky_polaris_4.jpg sky_polaris_7.jpg sky_polaris_6.jpg sky_polaris_8.gif sky_polaris_9.jpg